Dallas Snow Party

How is Artificial Snow Made?

With a state as hot as Texas, giving your kids their first snowy Christmas or the gift of an all-out snowball war is a feat that’s hard to accomplish. DFW Snow Parties is always available to help in that endeavor, but it making snow isn’t exactly magic. It’s science. Before we get into how we make it snow, let’s talk about the real stuff and where it comes from.

How is Real Snow Made?

You may have already noticed that certain conditions in nature have to be met before even a single snowflake hits the ground. It has to be cold enough and the humidity has to be at a certain level for snow to begin to form. For snow to form naturally, a cloud of water drops must freeze around some particulate matter like a speck of dust. Known as a nucleating agent, that speck of dust acts as a seed for the freezing water to cling to and build upon.

As that first crystal forms over the nucleating agent, more freezing water cling to the surface of the ice, making what we know as a snowflake. As the snowflake gets heavier and heavier with additional ice, it breaks the pattern of the wind and gently falls down to the ground. To make snow artificially, a similar process has to occur.

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How is Artificial Snow Made?

To mimic those conditions, we cool water to a temperature that’s just above freezing, then we

put it under intense pressure and blast it through a. The nozzles in our snow guns artificial snow, snow in summer, snow ice, snow machine rental

The high-pressure air expands when it is finally released, dropping in temperature along with the nearly freezing water that’s being blown out into a fine mist. Making snow is a delicate balance between temperature and humidity. Snow can be formed at higher temperatures if the humidity is low enough. This is why Texas gets snow after stark temperature changes and rain that happens over the course of a day or so.

When water reaches about 18 degrees Fahrenheit (-8 degrees Celsius), it is low enough to create snow in little if any humidity. When the temperature isn’t cold enough, we can use different nucleating agents such as silver iodide and other bacterial proteins to mimic these conditions.

As temperature rise, these conditions get harder and harder to control, but that’s why we are the experts. If you’re one of those people who just aren’t ready to let go of winter, never mind the heat and the sun, just call DFW Snow Parties. We can make it snow!