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How is Artificial Snow Made?

Artificial snow is somewhat of a misnomer since it’s made of real ice particles, just like real snow. Commonly used to boost the available snow for sports and ski resorts, artificial snow is usually created using a machine. The only “artificial” feature of artificial snow is that it’s created by man rather than created naturally by the earth’s weather patterns.

In addition to use at large venues like ski resorts, artificial snow has also become a popular feature at birthday parties and at gatherings where snow can make everything a little bit more beautiful and exciting.

Ever wondered how artificial snow is made? Read on to discover everything you might want to know about making and using artificial snow.

How DFW Snow Parties Makes Snow artificial snow, snow in summer, snow ice, snow machine rental

Artificial snow is created using a machine that sends highly pressurized mist into cold air. The tiny droplets of water crystallize and fake snow is born. We use this snow creation process for events all around Dallas and other areas

New technology for creating artificial snow has come about as the years have passed. The opportunity to use artificial snow in a variety of circumstances has meant more people than ever have seen snow in some form or another.

Before the water is pressurized within the artificial snow machine, it’s combined with a “nucleating” material that ensures it atomizes as it’s forced through the nozzle. When the water is released from the snowmaking machine, the droplets surround each piece of nucleating material, which ensures the resulting snow looks as much like real snow as possible.

How Artificial Snow Became Popular

Artificial snow was first made in large quantities in the 1950s, but it was the early 1900s when snow enthusiasts began experimenting with the process. The earliest machines weren’t actually that successful and weren’t reliable either, so it was “hit or miss” as far as getting extra snow when you really needed it.

One of the biggest reasons for the development of artificial snow machines was the rise of skiing for fun. It wasn’t until the 20th century when skiing at resorts started to become a widely enjoyed sport, but snow didn’t always cooperate in the busy season. Artificial snow was a solution for resort owners when natural snow wasn’t available.

Further Development of Artificial Snowmaking

After the introduction of machines capable of creating artificial snow, people started using artificial snow in a variety of ways for things like snow parties and holiday decorations, particularly in areas where snow wasn’t common or was never a guaranteed part of winter weather. The machines tasked with making artificial snow also became more reliable and capable of manufacturing large amounts of snow as time passed.

It was in 1975 when a graduate student made a breakthrough by discovering how to use a nucleating agent to increase the production capabilities of the snowmaking machines. That graduate student’s discovery was eventually trademarked. Artificial snow companies also began using a variety of additional elements to create and maintain snow such as fans, electronics, and computers. Artificial snow machines are a fairly regular part of today’s skiing venues.

Get Your Artificial Snow from DFW Snow Parties

Hosting a snow party is fun for kids and adults, and it’s the icing on the cake for just about any special celebration. Create a winter wonderland for your wedding, or give a child an exciting and snowy birthday party, even if his birthday is in the middle of the summer.

DFW Snow Parties will deliver your artificial snow at any time and in any quantity. If you’ve never used artificial snow at home before, we encourage you to contact us to discover all the ways our snow parties are the best in town!

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