Post Snow Party Cleanup

Tips for a Simple Post-Snow Party Cleanup

When nature dumps snow in your yard and on your driveway, you want to clear it in stages to make that job easier.  But when you have snow because you had a Mr. Cool Snow Party, you enjoy it as much as possible.  So then, what about the cleanup?

Having a spring, fall or summer snow party will make clean up easier and faster as the temperatures will help to melt the snow. Having good runoff is helpful.  If your snow is on a driveway or other solid surface, be sure to use proper tools.  If using a snow shovel, be sure it is in good condition and will not damage your hard surface.

Spraying the surface with water will help melt the snow. Spraying and melting the snow will cause more water, so run-off to storm drains is important.  Any grassy areas will be very wet, or muddy, as the snow melts.  Usually, the sun will do the job for you.

A cold winter day snow party is more of a challenge when it is time for clean-up.  There are some good, natural ways to dissolve the snow on your driveway and sidewalks. It is important to know that you are legally responsible for the sidewalk in from of your home, so you want to be sure to clean it well, being sure there are no remaining slick spots.

Alternatives to the Age-Old Snow Shovel

The old-fashioned idea of shoveling the snow or using a snow blower works well for removing the snow party snow from hard surfaces. But it may be difficult to remove several inches of snow from an area without other help. So here are some other ideas.

A leaf blower will work on the areas with light snow on them, but not for packed snow.

Wood ash has potassium salts that will melt the snow and allow traction for anyone waking on the surface. The downside is that the ash can be messy and tracked indoor floors.

For the green customer, leftover coffee grounds contain nitrogen and acids that can help melt ice and snow while also adding additional grip.

Homemade ice melt works well, and it is easy to make. Mix 2 qt of warm water with 6 drops of dish soap and 2 oz of rubbing alcohol. Put this mixture into a spray bottle and spray on to the snowy areas. It will melt the snow and protect the hard surface from developing an icy spot.

Consider where the snow will go when it melts.  You want to be sure to keep it from flowing into any open doorways. And be sure your neighborhood storm-drain is clear. Most of our customers enjoy the snowy look on their grassy areas, so they often choose to leave the snow there to melt naturally. Sidewalks and driveways are usually the areas that need to be cleaned up.

Celebrate Spring with a Snow Party from Mr. Cool

A Mr. Cool Snow Party is always a ton of fun, but with every party, there is always a bit of clean up.  Clean up only what you want, or need, clean and clear then sit back and enjoy the rest of your snow….for as long as it lasts.

If you’re interested in cooling off this spring with a snow party, contact us to schedule an event!

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