How is Artificial Snow Made?

Mr. Cool Snow Parties has been providing Waco and DFW snow parties for over 50 years, but have you ever wondered how?

Natural snow forms, in cold enough temperatures, when water vapor condenses around a nucleator and becomes an ice crystal. Therefore, when producing artificial snow for a snow party, we must use the same materials and create the same elements as nature.

To produce artificial snow we will need water, air, a nucleator, and a snow machine. These steps are a basic outline of the snow production process, and it can be done outdoors if the temperature is below 30 degrees, or in the big Mr. Cool Snow Parties’ freezers.

1) The water is mixed with the nucleator, usually a natural protein, which helps attract water molecules and ensures that more of the water droplets freeze.

2) The compressed air is forced through the snow machine and is combined with the cold water.

3)The air atomizes the water so the water splits into tiny droplets and blows them into the air.

4) The tiny droplets form ice crystals and land on the ground as snow.

Snow Machine

Once our snow men have completed the snow production, they load it up and get it read for snow delivery to the destination of you choice.

Producing snow isn’t magic, but can create a magical experience for any kid’s birthday party or special event. Contact Mr. Cool Snow Parties for DFW snow party or Waco snow party.