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Mr. Cool Snow Parties is your year-round snow party service provider, and with over 50 years of experience, we know what it takes to make a party cool!

Located in North Texas, we produce artificial snow all year long to leave your party guests in awe. Whether you are hosting a kid’s birthday party or a fun corporate event, artificial snow from Mr. Cool Snow Parties is sure to leave everyone with lasting memories.

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Other Events Mr. Cool Snow Parties Can Do:

Fun, Snowy Fun from Mr. Cool Snow Parties​

We understand that the Texas heat can be a scorcher, but with Mr. Cool Snow Parties, the heat stands no chance. We are able to turn your yard or event location into a winter wonderland in the middle of summer or during the fall.


Our experienced and professional delivery team can create the perfect snowy scene using our fresh, powdery artificial snow that looks so real, it could even fool Santa himself. We also provide snow slides that any guest of any age will be sure to love.

How to Get Mr. Cool Snow Parties at Your Event​

Are you searching for a cool idea for an upcoming birthday party? Do you have a big event in the works? Why not throw a snow party with snow from Mr. Cool Snow Parties?
We have provided snow for events in Texas since the 1960s bringing wintry fun, laughs and precious memories to families and guests all around the state. We feel everyone should experience a snow party once in their life, and there is nothing like a Mr. Cool Snow Party!
To learn more about how we do it, check out our FAQs page and gallery.
If you are ready to provide your family, friends, coworkers, or a church member with a snow party event, contact Mr. Cool Snow Parties today.
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