Artificial Snow Hill In Summer

Throw a Fun End of Year Snow Party

The school year in Texas is wrapping up and both teachers and students are looking forward to the last few weeks of school. Ask any educator and they’ll tell you that productivity drops during this time. Usually schools host an end of year party or field day to celebrate another school year being over. At DFW Snow Parties, we provide artificial snow to a lot of schools that host field days every year. If you’re looking for a way to make your end of year party more exciting, then follow these simple tips!

Beat the Heat With Cold Treats

Kids (and adults) love snowcones on a hot day. Many companies have snow cone maker rentals you can use at your end of year party. In addition to having an assortment of sweet syrups to cover your snow cones, make sure to have lots of ice bags on hand to refill the snow cone machine throughout the day.

Have Artificial Snow

Most kids in Texas haven’t seen snow in any form before. Our company comes to your location and uses snow making machines to create artificial snow for different events. Snow parties are really popular during the summer months when kids need a fun way to cool down. For your field day, definitely consider having artificial snow brought in for your students to play in. They’ll love kicking off their summer with some wintery fun.

Get Matching T Shirts for Attendees

Many companies give discounted rates to schools that order bulk t shirts for their events. If it’s in your budget, consider having t shirts made up for your field day for all the kids and teachers to wear. Parents will appreciate that their children will have something they can get a little dirty in besides their own clothes, especially when the snow cones drip or spill!

Make Sure Everyone Understands How the Snow Party Works

For all of the adults staffing the event, it’s important that everyone understands how the artificial snow will be brought in and where it will be during the day. Depending on how much snow you order, you may need to send groups of children in slowly instead of all at once. Teachers and parents helping during the event should know how this works so there aren’t any meltdowns from students who don’t understand when it’s their turn.

Contact DFW Snow Parties for Your Field Day Needs

Field days are the best way to end a successful school year. Reward students for all of their hard work with an awesome snow party. If you have questions or would like to book your party, then get in touch with us today!

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