Artificial Snow for Your Thanksgiving Day Festivities

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Artificial Snow For Thanksgiving Day

Traditionally, we think of snow as being something that comes in December and makes the front yard with all of the twinkly lights look even more magical. Unfortunately, Texas doesn’t get much of that no matter what month it is. At Mr. Cool Snow Parties, we know how fun and festive it can be to go the extra mile and use artificial snow to make your home come alive for the holidays. If you’re having Thanksgiving guests, it’s the perfect time to employ our snow delivery services to add to your special day. Here are a few ways artificial snow can be used for Thanksgiving.

Layer of Snow for Decoration

In every Christmas or Thanksgiving-themed movie, there’s always that iconic shot of a house all decorated for the holidays with a fresh, fluffy layer of snow on the ground. Hollywood does an amazing job of giving us the warm fuzzies when we see this. Why not wow your guests by having artificial snow delivered to your home? Having a beautiful layer of snow on your front lawn will be such a surprise for your Thanksgiving day guests when they arrive!

Give the Kids Something to Dokidssnowballfight

After Thanksgiving dinner, the adults want to relax and sleep off the excessive amounts of food they just ate. However, kids are still little balls of energy that want to get into everything. Artificial snow is the perfect way to keep them entertained! Have your kids head outside and play in the snow to work off their energy. They’ll love being able to throw snowballs at each other and get messy. Plus, how many kids in Dallas can say they had a snowball fight on Thanksgiving?

Mr. Cool Snow Parties Will Make Your Event Memorable

Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, having a party, or just want something fun to surprise your kids with, we can help! Our goal is complete customer satisfaction and we aim to please. Let us help you make lasting memories with your family and friends,¬†contact us¬†today!

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