Epic Snow Party Games to Play During a Snow Party

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Snow Party Games to Play

Your Texas snow party has the potential to be the event of any season among your friends and community. Is it just enough to have snow in front of your house? We think not! In order to have a hit snow party, then you have to have some epic snow party games that are just as ‘cool’ as the snow we will produce for you.

If you find yourself stumped for finding ways to make your party a memorable one, we have some entertaining suggestions for games to play during your personal time in a winter wonderland.

4) The Classic Snow Ball Fight

There is always a feeling of nostalgia when playing in the snow. Adults are taken back to a time when they were kids experiencing a snow day. So, one very fun activity you can promote among guests at your party is to have a classic snow ball fight. Create teams or have a battle royale, it’s your choice, but either way, you will be putting the snow at your party to good use.

3) Snow Bowling at Your Snow Party

Want to step up your set of snow party games? Snow bowling can be a great activity to do at your Texas snow party. Here’s how you can create your own outdoor bowling lane with snow.

  1. Use a shovel to create “bowling lanes.” You can pile up the snow on each side of the lanes to create the bowling lane bumpers!
  2. Set up plastic bowling pins that you can purchase online for a low price.
  3. Grab a sled or sledding object to smooth out the lanes. The flat bottom of the sled will help make sure the lanes can be slidable.

You can keep score the old-fashioned way, or you can come up with your own way of keeping score on the icy lanes.

2) Hunt for the Mitten

If you have kids coming to your snow party, you want to keep them warm and safe. Why not turn preparation for the party into a game for your guests to enjoy? Make sure to handle RSVPs if you are going to play this game. Once you know how many kids are showing up, purchase a pair of mittens for each child.

Before the party, hide one mitten from each pair somewhere in the house and lay the rest of the mittens on the dining room table. Let the kids select their mittens then have them search the house for the remaining mitten.

This lets you turn the snow party preparation into a fun game without having to deal with kids just rushing out into the snow party you have so delicately planned.

1) Freeze Tag

This works like normal freeze tag, only instead of physically tagging your opponents, you have to physically hit them with a snowball. The last person standing is “it!”

This is definitely one of our more popular snow party games.

DFW Snow Parties Will Bring the Snow, You Bring the Snow Party Games

If you are ready to have snow party games that people will be talking about for months to come, DFW Mr. Cool Snow Parties is here to help. Not only is our snow environmentally safe, but our filtered water snow is also healthier for your body than the real thing.

Get in touch with us today and we will be happy to schedule a snow party for you and your friends. Our snow parties are a unique event, so be prepared to come up with some equally unique ideas for games and food!

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