Ideas For Fathers Day Gifts From Mr. Cool Snow Parties

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Happy Fathers Day

This Sunday is Fathers Day! Have you and the kids figured out what to get Dad this year? Well, instead of racing to the hardware or electronics store and trying to pick out the latest-and-greatest tool or gadget, there are a lot of creative homemade gifts for Dads that the kids can create at home with their own imagination and creativity.

Homemade Father’s Day Gift Ideas:

  • Dad’s Envelope Surprise – A new spin on the traditional homemade coupons. Give Dad a set of envelopes that holds a daily surprise. The kids can think of their own creative activities and special surprises that are great for father-son, father-daughter, and whole family activities that will create lasting memories.
  • Father’s Day Tie Gone Wild – Instead of getting Dad another boring tie to add the collection, pick up a white or light colored tie and let the kids go wild with fabric paint. They can stamp their hands and feet or paint on their own personal message to Dad.
  • Personalized Dad Stickers – Pick up a pack of blank printable sticker paper, and have the kids create their own personal Fathers Day stickers.
  • Winter Wonderland – Let Mr. Cool  Snow Parties provide snow delivery and let the Dad and the kids create some brand new memories in the artificial snow. Get the entire neighborhood involved for a Fathers Day block snow party.
  • World’s Greatest Dad Personalized – Pick up a regular container, bucket, or cup and let the kids create their own “world’s greatest dad” designs.
  • Homemade Toolbox – Spruce up Dad’s old tool box, not with a fresh coat of red paint, but with his kids own design. The hot glue gun will be a big help for this one, but make sure the kids aren’t redecorating the tool box by themselves.
  • Father’s Day Picture Puzzle – Let the little ones play arts and crafts with some of their favorite photos with dad and some Popsicle sticks. Simply cut the photo in long strips and glue them to the sticks. Just one photo will be kind of simple for dad to piece together, so pick out a few different photos and create one whole picture puzzle that Dad and the little ones can piece together for a family fun activity.
  • Dad’s Personalized Light Switch Frames – Take a few light switch frames or pick up some new ones, and let the kids personalize them for Dad. Dad will think it is so cool, and he will see it every time he flips the switch in his workroom to grab his toolbox.
  • Homemade Wrapping Paper – Instead of wrapping his homemade Father’s Day gift in boring old wrapping paper, grab some unused wrapping paper from your overloaded supply, turn it over to the white blank side and have the kids draw and design their own Father’s Day wrapping paper. Then, wrap all of his personalized Father’s Day gifts inside the personalized paper.

Mr. Cool Snow Parties, your Texas snow party provider, hopes all the DFW and Waco Dads have an amazing Father’s Day with their new homemade gifts.

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