It’s Football Snow Party Time!

By DFW Snow Parties — In Party, Sports and Recreation — November 11, 2014



You’ve watched the many football games on TV being played in the snow in northern cities during the dead of winter and you’ve played football games in the snow on your Xbox or PlayStation; but have you ever got to play football in the snow? Maybe you have if used to live up north or when you visited an area up north during the fall or winter months, but you probably haven’t got to do that here in Texas. With Mr. Cool Snow Parties, you finally can play some snow football; we can help you throw a football snow party where all of your friends, family members and even rivals can come out for all day football tournament in the snow.


What do you need for a football snow party tournament?

To throw a snow party football tournament, all you need a flat open area; it is likely that the spot you already go to for regular sports with your buddies is the perfect location. If you have an open backyard or a family member that has a nice piece of land in the Dallas, Fort Worth or Waco areas, we can bring the snow right to you. You will need to gather a group of football playing buddies to form at least two teams. Each one of you will want to dress appropriately for the “weather”; even if it’s not all that cold outside, the snow we produce for your football tournament is real and will be cold to the touch, so gloves and other winter weather clothing is encouraged.

Once you have chosen the prime location and received the “OK” from the property owner (a permit may also be required), gathered your buddies to form teams, found all your winter clothing and chose a date for the football snow party tournament, you are all set to finally play football in the snow – IN TEXAS!

How do we make fresh powdery snow for snow parties in Texas?

With over half a century of experience in producing ice and snow, Mr. Cool Snow Parties has got the snow production process down cold. Once you have completed all the necessary steps to setting a snow party for a football tournament or any type of event, we will bring the snow machine and produce it directly at your desired location. Depending on how much of the area you want covered with snow, we will bring that many bags of ice; we then dump the ice bags into the snow machine which finely crushes the ice into soft and white, powdery snow and will give you that perfect football in the snow experience that you would normally have to travel north to get.

Not sure how much snow you need? Do you need to find out more information about our Dallas or Waco snow party services? Contact us directly anytime or call us at 1.800.400.8221. We are ready to set you up with all the snow you’ve been imagining for your football snow party tournament; just like on TV and your favorite NFL Games!

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