Gifts for the Ever Ready Partiers in Your Life

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Whether they’re your college sorors, a new circle of friends, or those that have been friends so long, they’re like family, chances are you know at least a few people who always stay ready for the next party. It could be any old Tuesday and they’d put Drake and ILOVEMAKONNEN to shame with their partying antics. While setting up a snow party for your kids is as easy as it gets, It can get increasingly difficult to shop for these partying individuals, so we’ve put together a handy gift-giving guide to make the task a little easier for you. Check out some of these great items!

Mason Jar Shot Glasses

These mini mason jar shot glasses are perfect for that classy Southern belle to sip her Bourbon straight up or the charming gentleman to take his whiskey. Arriving in a package of four, you can source these shot glasses for any of your alcohol-enthusiast friends, or add them to your own collection of shot glasses your drunk friends will soon break. Can’t you just picture serving mini mint juleps or mojitos in these glasses during the summer?

Wingman Shot Glass

If you’ve ever been egged on long enough to take a shot, now you can dish it back out with this extended shot glass. Drinking alone is never a good thing, so make your buddy match you shot for shot with the Wingman Shot Glass. You can find the glass online at

ROX Whiskey Chilling Stones

Some people love their whiskey freezing cold, but typically order their drinks neat simply because they don’t like how ice can water down their drink and thin out their alcohol. That problem is now solved thanks to ROX. These chilling stones are made out of 100% soapstone, they’re non-porous and odorless, and they don’t soak up the smells in your freezer the way the cubes in your ice trays can. What’s more, they’re washable and reusable. Store them in the freezer after washing.

The DrinkMate

The DrinkMate hooks onto any Android mobile device and acts as a travel breathalyzer so your inebriated friends can know when they’re approaching their limit. This accurate breathalyzer is a fairly new concept, having just gotten started from crowdfunding source Kickstarter. It’s accuracy was validated with industry-leading Lifeloc calibration kits, so you know it’s telling the truth, even if you or your friends “feel fine.”

Glow in the Dark Beer Pong

Perfect for the drunk athlete, this beer pong set lights up in freakishly bright green and blue to let you play the classic game in the dark. Complete with cups, ping pong balls and some neon markers to keep score, this beer pong set lets you keep the fun going all through the night. Table sold separately.

Whole Bottle of Wine Glass

For that extra-sloshy friend who isn’t worried about tannins is this wine glass that can literally fit an entire 750 mL bottle of wine. Your friend will be able to give Olivia Pope a run for her money with this glass, and she’ll likely be thankful for the opportunity to not look like a hobo drinking straight from the bottle. You’re welcome.

For the Host

Whether you’re gift-giving for a wedding, or just because, your friends will likely appreciate the fact that you took the time to get them gifts that they can really use. Your friends do their best to make you look good by comparison every weekend, so host a get-together and keep them safe and sound while you all enjoy your adult beverages. Make sure you have enough glassware, some great bartending tools, and plenty of cocktail ice on hand before the party starts.

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