How to Host a Holiday Office Party that Impresses

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DFW Holiday Snow Party

A holiday party gives members of your office a chance to enjoy one another’s company without work hanging over everyone’s heads. Whether the event is relaxing or exciting, it’s a happy time for everyone, especially when you find the right caterer and venue. If you’re looking for ways to ensure your holiday office party is a smash this year, consider these recommendations.

Changing the Scene Each Year

One of the simplest ways to create a holiday party where everyone wants to attend is to choose a new venue each year for the event. Sometimes, this option makes things quite simple, since you can choose a place where all the decorations and food are taken care of for you (like a restaurant).

You might choose a a location with indoor/outdoor options so you can host something with a fun theme, like a snow party. All you’ll need to do is pick a date, time, and a menu. As long as you choose a new restaurant each year, you’ll maintain the interest and excitement your coworkers have for the event each December.

Tip: Avoid getting too unusual with the menu. You might adore a particular type of food (maybe you’re a sushi addict), but make sure the menu features dishes that will satisfy everyone. You usually can’t go wrong with good, old-fashioned American food. Burgers and fries are always a safe bet as long as you include a few veggie burgers in the mix and take note of food allergies.

Consider Adding Live Music to Your Party

A CD of holiday music that you burned at home the night before your holiday party might offer some suitable background music, but your coworkers will enjoy the experience much more if you invite musicians to your party. You might find an awesome Beatles cover band for your event or a classical music quartet who will play holiday music for your party.

Live music makes a party feel like an actual, planned gathering rather than a quick meeting in the break room with holiday music playing on a boom box and stale cookies and warm punch sitting on the counter.

Add Something Magical with Artificial Snow

Holiday parties are a yearly event for businesses across North Texas, and many of these celebrations are the “same old thing” every year. A nice, catered dinner, some holiday music, and a few decorations fill the room, and everyone stands around in their “ugly” Christmas sweaters. The same might be said of holiday parties in the home where everyone expects the same exact type of gathering every single year.

If you’re in charge of planning a holiday party – or any celebration for your office throughout the year – artificial snow is one of the most entertaining ways to create a fun and vibrant gathering. You might get lucky with snow one year, but it’s hardly a sure thing in Texas, even in areas where it regularly freezes in the coldest months of the year.

Imagine the fun your coworkers will have when they climb up a mountain of snow and slide back down on a sled. With more than 50 years of experience, Mr. Cool Snow Parties will help you put on a wintery event where the entire office will show up for the snowy spectacle and the fun.

Ramp Up the Fun at Your Office Holiday with Artificial Snow

We’re your experienced snow delivery partner for any size gathering, from Waco to Fort Worth or Dallas to Arlington. Are you already planning for a party in 2017? We’ll deliver artificial snow for a snow party whether it’s December and the “weather outside is frightful,” or it’s a hot, sunny day in June.

Get in touch with Mr. Cool Snow Parties today to see how we can help you with snow in Dallas for your office holiday party that will impress and create magical wintertime memories.

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