Host the Best Easter Egg Hunt with DFW Snow Parties

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DFW Snow Party For Easter

Spring in Dallas brings sunshine, warm temperatures, and for the kids, several fun Easter egg hunts! Children and adults alike often look forward to this exciting annual tradition. If you’re hosting an egg hunt at your home or business, our Texas snow party planning experts are offering up a few fun ways to make your egg hunt the best in Dallas.

Start a New Tradition Using Artificial Snow in Dallas

Easter egg hunts are fun by themselves, but to make yours particularly memorable hire a snow delivery service like ours to come and produce fake snow for the egg hunt. Have several adults hide the eggs underneath the snow for the kids to find later on. Not only will the hunt itself be exciting, it’ll also give the kids hours of entertainment long after all the eggs have been found.

Do a Silent Easter Basket Auction to Raise Money for Charity

If your business is hosting the hunt, consider donating several Easter baskets to be auctioned off at the egg hunt and snow party. Donate the profits to local animal shelters who often see an influx of surrendered bunny rabbits and chicks after Easter is over. Silent auctions are not only fun for adults, but they can be a great help to charities in need.

Invite Kids to Plant Flowers

If you want kids to have an appreciation for the environment, invite them to plant flowers after they’re finished playing in the artificial snow. Select easy to grow flowers that require minimal maintenance. Allow the kids to decorate flower pots to put their plants in and take home to care for. Provide simple instructions that they’ll understand so they can properly feed and water their flowers. Kids enjoy having responsibilities and they love using their creativity in arts and crafts.

Let Older Kids Have a Snowball Fight

While older kids and teenagers enjoy Easter egg hunts as much as anyone else does, the hunts tend to be geared toward younger children. After the egg hunt is over, let older kids have a snowball fight in what’s left from the snow delivery. They’ll love being able to get a bit messy and have an event specifically for their enjoyment.

DFW Snow Parties Delivers Snow

If you’d like to add a little something special to your Easter egg hunt, then let us deliver snow to your Dallas home or business. Watch the magic unfold as your kids run through the snow finding eggs and making memories. Get in touch with us for questions or to book our snow party services!

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