Look, the Sun’s Coming Out! Time to Plan a Party!

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Dry ice


Finally! Now that the snow and ice has melted, it’s starting to look more like spring around Dallas, and we can finally get ice for our cups rather than spread sand on our driveways. Springtime is also perfect for taking care of all those home improvement projects, starting anew with seasonal cleaning, switching up your wardrobe or just busting out your flip-flops with your friends for Spring Break.

Whatever you do, turn it into a party. It’s been said that many hands make light work, and with DFW Snow Parties, you can make sure those many hands have ice-cold refreshing beverages in them while they devote hours of their time. Hadn’t thought about how best to use (then quickly repay) your friends this year? Keep reading, we’ll fill your head soon enough!

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Moving Day Party

If you’re like a lot of students and young professionals in Dallas, you rent your living space, and like many people, your lease is quickly coming to an end. If you’re prepared, you’ve already given your landlord a couple month’s worth of notice and you’ve already found a place to live, but you’ve still got boxes that have yet to be filled with all your stuff, sealed with tape and placed on a moving truck. If you’re unprepared, you don’t have a truck handy and chances are, you haven’t secured a place just yet.

Now that the weather out is nicer, warmer and safer, you can make the best use of a Saturday afternoon and get your house packed up and moving on to your next destination. How? Call a few of your buddies that can lift and maybe even one with a pickup truck. Fill a big cooler with some ice and brews, order a few extra large pizzas, turn on some music videos and get packing. After a slice and a beer or two, your friends should catch on and be bubble-wrapping and packing right alongside you. If one of them tries to unpack your Playstation, “just for a little break,” pack it right back up and tell them they can play when they’re done unpacking and setting up your television and home theater system at your new place.

Housewarming Party

Oh, trust and believe us, we get it. After closing costs, home or renter’s insurance, the mortgage and moving expenses, you’re just about tapped out, both financially and energy-wise. You’re probably not up to planning and throwing a housewarming party for all your friends, but who

refreshing beverage

says you have to do it right away?

It’s okay, and even preferred to wait a while. People have waited over a year to throw their housewarming parties. Part of it is the planning of it that’s just too much, and part of it is feeling at ease in the house enough to feel like it’s your home. For some, that feeling of home doesn’t come easy, and for more obsessive compulsive others, home just isn’t home until the decor comes together just so. It’s easier on your guests too, as they’re able to give you smaller, more practical gifts based on stuff you’ve complained about over the last year, or go in on the one expensive item you need but don’t have (hello Nutra Ninja)!

Whatever the reason, make your gift registry and make your housewarming party extra special this season. Whether you’ve been in your new home for a week or a year, you’ve finally amassed the furniture and home accessories for the design that you want. Now it’s time to show it off. Clean and spruce up your place into a light-formal setting, and stock your bar to the full with some cocktail ice, mixers, spritzers and spirits. Start the evening off right with good music, champagne, heartfelt toasts and aperitifs. Then open gifts, give the grand tour and…basically, enjoy the company of good friends in your new home.

However you choose to use these perfectly humid days, make sure you’ve got plenty of cold drinks and ice to keep them cool. Heat in Texas is never a joke, so if you’re doing something a bit more active, such as tackling hardcore spring cleaning or tag-teaming packing and moving, make sure you and your friends stay hydrated. Keep a bigger cooler of ice and water than of beer. You’ll thank yourself later.

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