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It is hot in Texas during the summer, but our winters aren’t exactly chilling either. When you are feeling hot, a snow party sounds like a great idea!  Mr. Cool offers snow parties year-round. If you feel the need for a cool summer activity, how about an outdoor movie-night snow party? Call Mr. Cool Snow Parties to schedule your summer snow party and start that movie list.

Movies for Kids

If the kids are your focus, there are many great movies to choose from.


The first one that comes to mind is probably Frozen. This Disney favorite has a great story and wonderful songs to have the whole crowd sing along to. It just might inspire some of your guests to build a snowman. 

Snow Buddies & Snow Dogs

If dogs are a group favorite, Snow Buddies from 2008 or Snow Dogs from 2002 are both good ones.Snow Buddies came from the Air Bud series. The story involves five puppies, an ice cream transport truck and a trip to Alaska… a big adventure for these puppies.

Snow Dogs is a PG rated movie. While it has a compelling story, it might be a little too much for small kids. Adults will like this one too as the story follow a dentist from Miami who inherits seven Siberian Huskies and one Border Collie from his biological mother.

Home Alone

You cannot do a winter themed movie-nigh and not consider Home Alone. This 1990 classic follows an 8-year-old as he is left home when his family rushes to the airport for a Christmas trip.  He protects his house from two crusty, bumbling burglars. He also figures out that he can be self-sufficient.

These are just a few ideas. Momtastic features some other great movie ideas for the kids.

Movies for Adults

For a more adult themed movie night, there are also some classic and entertaining choices.


Remember all the awards Fargo won at the Academy awards?  What a quirky and interesting movie! This 1996 award winner from the Coen Brothers focuses on the police work of Marge Gunderson while she tries to solve an inept crime around the town in a frozen Minnesota winter.


Sylvester Stall one stars in the 1993 action, adventure film Cliffhanger. In this one, a batched mid-air heist results in suitcases full of $$$ being searched for by groups of people throughout the Rocky Mountains. It’s a thriller!

Grumpy Old Men

If you want to laugh, you will love Grumpy Old Men. This classic from 1993 stars Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Ann-Margaret and Burgess Meredith. The “fighting” of these two old frienemies over a sexy new neighbor and other trivial stuff will keep you smiling.

Groundhog Day

Lastly, how about Groundhog Day? This snowy movie find a weatherman stuck in time on Groundhog Day until he learns some valuable life lessons. Always a good one on a snowy day!

IMDB is a great place to research those winter movies.  Here is a list they put together for winter-themed movies.

So give Mr. Cool Snow Parties a call; get that outdoor movie screen set up and get the popcorn ready for some winter fun in the summer! Your friends will be thanking you for the coolest fun they had all summer.

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