The UAE’s First Artificial Snow Rooms Revealed

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Artificial snow is no stranger to the United Arab Emirates, as it is consumed in mammoth amounts for Dubai’s largest indoor ski park in the world as well as a sub-zero ice lounge and café.  With summertime temperatures reaching up to 118°F, it’s no wonder that residents of this area are fascinated with snow.

This month, a Dubai-based company called Desert Snow introduced a new artificial snow-related concept to the Middle East – snow rooms.


What is a snow room?


A snow room is a space specifically designed to produce soft and fluffy artificial snow year-round. With temperatures maintained at -0.4° to 14° F, the purpose of a snow room is very similar to that of a sauna, but with a contrasting climate. Inspired by the Finnish tradition of rolling around in the snow after a lengthy session in the sauna, German company Techno Alpin Germany GmbH designed the rooms for people all over the world to enjoy snow at home no matter what the surrounding climate. In addition to providing a cool escape from increased heat exposure, benefits are believed to include an increase in metabolic rate and muscle regeneration, as well as cellulite reduction and wrinkle prevention. As the body works to keep itself warm in extremely cold weather, a large amount of calories are expended, possibly even resulting in weight loss. Who would have know what amazing benefits artificial snow can provide!

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Snow rooms are available to spas, health clubs, and even private residences starting at $109,000. They are typically around 40 square feet in size, and are either installed within 4 glass walls or built in an existing space. The UAE currently boasts 5 snow rooms: two at a local spa, one at Le Meridien hotel, and one at a private residence.


To make the most out of a snow room experience, it is recommended that visitors increase and maintain body heat until the very moment they enter through the icy doorway.

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