Why Your Summer Event Should Be a Snow Party

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Snow Party for Your Next Summer Event in Dallas-Fort Worth

Summer is almost here and people are planning unique events for fun in the sun. One of the best ways to cool down at a summer party is a snow party from Mr. Cool.

Ice is a great way to cool down refreshments at a party. Yet, if you want a “cool” experience at a summer event, ice delivery services aren’t enough.

Let’s get into why your next event should be a snow themed party!

Hosting A Texas Snow Party Is Great For Any Occasion

Liven up any event with an artificial snow party! Mr. Cool offers our services for parties of all sizes and locations.

Whether you want a fun church event or to give your employees a corporate party they’ll remember, our snow parties bring snow day fun at any time of the year.

Our snow parties are great for:

  • Church events
  • Corporate team building
  • School events
  • Holiday parties
  • Anniversary parties
  • Weddings, and more!

Mr. Cool Takes the Big Planning Off of Your Hands

Planning a party can be stressful, and we’re here to help! The best part about parties with Mr. Cool is our approach to easier planning.

Our team handles all snow delivery, cleanup, and big-ticket activities.

Spend your time planning out your menu and enjoying your guests. Our party hosts will set up your snow day and ensure your guests have a blast.

Snow Parties Are Enjoyable for All Ages

We know a snow party brings out the kid in anyone. Our special event snow parties are suitable for all your guests.

Want to have a tame snowball fight? We have you covered! Want to experience our luge slide? We accommodate the daring!

Whether creating snow angels or rolling around in our realistic snow, kids aged 1 to 100 can find something fun to do at one of our DFW snow parties.

Our party planners help you create the perfect snow event that leaves everyone having a good time.

Winter Fun is Worth Celebrating Any Time of the Year

A snow day without the frigid weather sounds nice, right? At Mr. Cool Snow Parties, we bring the fun of snow at any time of the year. Enjoy a day in the sun with a twist at your unique gathering.

At a Texas snow party during the summer, you can enjoy your favorite winter cocktails and indulge in your favorite winter foods. The seasons don’t have to hold you back from living in a winter wonderland for a day.

Emergency Ice Also Keeps Your Party Cool!

While you have a blast at your snow party, Emergency Ice can add an extra layer of chill to your event.

Our ice delivery services are available 24/7. We also carry ice in different shapes and sizes and ensure your party is always well-stocked.

Start Planning Your Summer Event Today, With Mr. Cool Snow Parties

Beat the heat this summer with a Texas snow party from Mr. Cool! Our team is always ready to help you have a great time. We welcome parties of all sizes and offer competitive rates!

Get in touch with us today to plan your event early through our snow party service agreement. Christmas in July has never been easier!

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