5 Reasons to Throw a Summer Snow Party

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Summers in Texas can be brutal. At least we have air conditioning, but it sure does get boring being stuck indoors all of the time. Wouldn’t it be great to do something outdoors during a heat wave? How about a summer snow party! There are at least five good reasons to consider a summer snow party.

1) More Refreshing Than a Pool

It is hot, so why not play in some snow? Even if you have a pool, when it is this hot outside, the pool feels like bath water. It isn’t refreshing. A Mr. Cool Snow Party will be invigorating. Imagine stepping out of your home into a yard full of snow, nice and cold. Imagine lying down in the snow, making snow angels and just feeling the cool drip of melting snow on your body. Suddenly, it doesn’t feel like summer.

2) You Get Winter Foods in the Summer

You miss all of your favorite winter foods. If you throw a summer snow party, you have a good reason to break out the hot chocolate, soup and s’ mores. Your guests will be so happy to dig into chicken-n-dumplings or a big bowl of chili. They have had their fill of chilled salads, fruit, lemonade, and iced tea. They are ready to break from their summer menu to gobble up some feel-good cooking. Even the appetizers can be full of savory flavors.

3) Snow Parties Bring the Neighborhood Together

It’s been so hot; you haven’t spent much time with your friends and neighbors. Get Mr. Cool Snow Parties to spray your yard with snow, then your friends will cheerfully come out of their houses to enjoy your winter wonderland. You will get to chat, laugh and eat together. You will begin to remember how much you like your friends and neighbors, knowing that you sort of miss them. Plus, it will be a great chance to meet any new neighbors too!

4) Kids Love it

You know you are tired of hearing “I’m bored” from your kids. Summer vacation is great for the first couple of weeks, but the kids get bored. They start bickering with each other just for entertainment. The kids want you to entertain them every day and take them to the movies, swimming, the park, etc.  A Mr. Cool Snow Party will break the boredom and the kids will think you are the hero of the summer. Suddenly the summer doldrums will vanish and their sweet smiles will reappear.

5) Winter Beverages are the Best

Remember those Moscow Mules and Toasted Marshmallow Martinis you sipped last winter? Well, plan a Summer Snow Party then break out the winter adult beverages. Drinks with cinnamon or pudding with Rumchata will hit the spot while you sit with your toes in the snow. Have each guest bring a pitcher of their favorite winter cocktail. Keep plenty of Emergency Ice on hand to keep those beverages chilled. As you sip your favorite winter cocktails, you will feel your summer stress just melt away.

With temperatures over 100 degrees, doesn’t some snow sound rejuvenating? Mr. Cool Snow Parties can change your over-heated summer to a summer of great memories. It really doesn’t take much planning. Contact Mr. Cool, for your next snow delivery and then text your friends, to get the snow party started!

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