Food Ideas for Your Next Snow Party

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DFW Snow Party Menu

A party isn’t a party unless there is food. When Mr. Cool shows up to your house to blow out the snow for your snow party, you will probably be in the kitchen whipping up some goodies for your guests to snack on. A snowy, winter menu might be perfect! Here are some suggestions for your winter-themed Texas snow party.

Hot Crab Dip

A warm, white dip is a good start for your guests. How about a crockpot crab dip? This creamy dish is so good you may need to double or triple the recipe. Another delicious dip comes from the classic Better Homes and Gardens website, Cheesy Skillet Artichoke Dip. Using a cast-iron skillet, a layer of dip with a layer of white dinner rolls on top will remind your guests of snowball fights and winter fun.

Chicken Wings

Next on the menu is parmesan chicken wings. The Frugal Girls have a slow-cooker recipe that keeps you warm just reading it. These mouth-watering chicken wings will keep your guests in the snowy spirit. They will be begging you for the recipe. Any classic that makes you think of cozy, winter meals is always a good idea for your Texas snow party menu. Chicken and dumplings or pot pie is perfect to keep your guests in the snow party spirit.

Enjoy Some Pecans

There is nothing better for a quick snack while sledding or playing other snow party games than a handful of pecans. Frosted pecans bring back memories of Christmas’s with bowls of these scrumptious nuts on the table, looking like they just got a kiss from ole Jack Frost.

Another party favorite is popcorn! Popcorn is fluffy and white, just like that snow everyone is playing it. Dress up your popcorn with a selection of popcorn sprinkles like sour cream and onion or parmesan. Or, if you want to dress it up, even more, there are many great recipes on the internet for yummy sweet varieties like cake batter popcorn, white chocolate confetti, and caramel popcorn. The possibilities are endless.

You Can’t Eat Without Drinks at a Snow Party

Let’s not forget beverages. You can’t throw a Mr. Cool Snow Party without hot chocolate…and there are many great recipes for that on the web too, from milk chocolate and dark chocolate to a creamy white chocolate. Yum! Another delicious beverage for your party would be Frozen Snowball Punch. This is a wintery beverage that is great for kids, but if you are having an adult party, it can be “punched” up with some vodka or tequila.

Think Sweet!

Lastly, let’s plan out some desserts because we all know that dessert is the highlight of the menu. The first one that comes to everyone’s mind when thinking of an outdoor snow party is s’mores. This classic is already perfect, but you can change it up by using vanilla wafers, or different kinds of chocolate. Another great snow party dessert is Oreo snowballs. These little truffles are a big hit year-round. Here is Kraft’s recipe, but if you want a little something different, sprinkle some coconut over the snowballs while the almond bark is still warm to give them a fluffy look.

Kick Off Your Spring with a Mr. Cool Snow Party

The menu for a Mr. Cool Snow Party is full of possibilities. Anything that makes you think of snow, snowmen, sledding or warm and cozy winter meals are great items for your snow party menu. Get in touch with us to get your snow party scheduled then get started on that menu. Your guests will love it all!

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