Creating a Financial Checklist for a Snow Party

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No matter how you feel about winter, everyone can have fun at a Mr. Cool Snow Party! A snow party brings out the kid in everyone. Snow angels, snowmen, and snowball fights make everyone smile, especially when they are part of a party. Planning a great snow party is pretty easy, and Mr. Cool Snow Parties makes the snow part easy to plan for. Summer, autumn, winter, or spring, a cool party from us will be a hit!

Understanding General Costs

Planning a snow themed party is actually quite simple. Mr. Cool will calculate for you the area needed, and how many pounds of snow based upon the number of attendees and possibly the ages of the party goers. We have a page on our website which will give snow party planners a general idea of snow costs. Mr. Cool asks for a deposit of $100 at the time that the Snow Party Service Agreement is signed.

The costs of most parties depend upon what the host wants to offer, but there are some party basics: invitations, decorations, tableware and serving, food, beverages, dessert, activity or entertainment, and party favors. Mr. Cool Snow Parties will provide the snow themed party and activity. has a party budget estimator which will help a host or hostess plan for costs involved.

Creating Your Snow Party Checklist

Now, let’s get to planning. Let’s plan a snow party for 20. These are approximate costs, based on basic paper and plastic supplies. More or less expensive options will affect the cost of any party.

  • Invitations & postage $36
  • Decorations $60
  • Tableware $50
  • Appetizers & Food $200
  • Beverages-alcohol $198
  • Non-alcohol $25
  • Dessert $45
  • Accessories for activities $70
  • Party favors $50
  • Snow party snow (24’x20’ area) $1600

These approximate costs make our snow party for 20 cost $2,334.  This is based on a party for adults.  The cost for children would be less. Food would be cheaper, no alcohol would be offered and the area needed for the party may be smaller.

Mr. Cool Snow Parties also offers the Mr. Cool Luge, our 10-foot snow slide with sleds. We also provide enough snow for your guests to play all of their favorite snow games,

Keep the Planning Simple with Mr. Cool

We have made the party planning process simple for you. Download and fill out our Snow Party Agreement, Get that filled out ASAP. You can contact us for available dates and times.

One thing is for sure, no matter hosting a party for the kiddos or a snow party for adults, your guests will be leaving saying that this was the best party they have ever been to.

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