Fun Things to Do in the Snow

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Woman playing in the snow

Not everyone gets the chance to experience the magic of playing in the snow. If you’ve never built a snowman, went sledding down a hill, or had an epic snowball fight, the idea of frolicking in freezing temperatures may not sound appealing. But playing in the snow can actually be an incredibly fun experience if you approach it with the right activities and mindset. 

At Mr. Cool Snow Parties, we help bring the cool fun with our snow delivery. Get ready to embrace your inner child and rediscover fun things to do in the snow on a snow day, no matter your age!

Snow Sculptures and Snowman Building

One of the most classic fun things to do in the snow with friends is building a snowman or snow sculpture. Grab some friends or family members and get creative by rolling up giant balls of snow, stacking them, adding stick arms, coal eyes, and mouths, and fun accessories like scarves and hats.

 Have a contest to see who can make the most elaborate or funny snow character. The possibilities are endless, and the construction process is a great way to work as a team.

Sledding Fun

If you want something more active, try sledding down a big hill. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of flying down a snowy slope on a sled or inner tube, powder flying in your face. Make it a competition by racing your friends or coworkers. Or create an all-day sledding marathon by hiking back up the hill again and again until you’re exhausted. Just be sure to safely sled away from trees, rocks, and other obstacles.  

Our snow party experts can help you plan out your big snow hill for your party in Dallas or Fort Worth! You don’t need a big mountain up north to enjoy the slopes!

Epic Snowball Fights

For those with a competitive spirit, you can’t go wrong with an epic snowball fight. Split into teams and build snow forts for protection. Stock up on snowball ammunition and let the battle begin, pelting others while trying to avoid getting hit yourself. The key is to duck, dive and be stealthily strategic in your snowball execution. 

You’ll get exercise by running around while laughing hysterically. Just remember to follow our safety tips when the snow starts flying.

Cozy Breaks by the Firepit

When you’re ready for a break, make tasty hot chocolate or apple cider and cozy up by a firepit. Roast s’mores and share stories about your favorite snow day memories. The crisp air and warmth of the fire is the perfect culmination to an action-packed day in the snow.  

Embrace the Snow Day Magic With Mr. Cool Snow Parties

No matter what snow activity you choose, the most important thing is to go into it with a playful, adventurous attitude. Embrace your silly side, and don’t worry about embracing your inner-kid – that’s half the fun! And the best part is, you don’t need to wait for Mother Nature to create a winter wonderland. 

Mr. Cool Snow Parties can deliver real snow anytime, anywhere in Dallas and Fort Worth for your home or event. With professional-grade snow machines, we’ll transform any setting into a snowy paradise so you and your guests can experience the pure joy of playing in the snow year-round. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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