How To Build A Snowman

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“Do you want to build a snowman?” 

If you heard that Disney tune in your head while reading, we have as post that’ll pique your interest. At Mr. Cool Snow Parties, we believe there’s nothing quite like the magical feeling of building a snowman after a fresh snowfall. 

It’s a classic winter activity that brings out the child-like sense of wonder in all of us. If you’ve never built a snowman before or need a refresher before your next Texas snow party, follow these simple tips to construct the perfect frosty friend.

Tips For Creating The Base Of A Snowman

The base is the most important part, as it needs to be sturdy enough to support the entire snowman. Start by packing together a large mound of snow into a firm ball shape. The base should be roughly 3 feet wide and 2 feet tall for an ideal sized snowman. 

Use your hands, feet, or even a plastic shovel to continually pack more snow on and create a thick, solid foundation. You want this base to be as solid as possible before moving onto this next step.

Once you have the base formed, it’s time to start rolling. Find an area with good packing snow and begin pushing the base along, collecting more snow as you go. The rolling process works best with a few people – have one person push while others pack on more snow from the sides. Keep rolling until the base has expanded to your desired size, likely around 3-4 feet in diameter.

Create The Middle Of Your Snowman

The next step is to roll up the torso of your snowman. This is another firm ball of snow, but will be smaller than your base. We suggest half the size of your base. So, if your snowman’s base is 4 feet in diameter, the torso should be 2.

Pack up the snow the same way you would with the base.

Roll Up Your Snowman’s Head

You don’t have to know how to build a snowman to know this is the easiest part. The head will be the smallest part of your classic snowman, and lets you get excited for the decorating bit of the build. Aim for around 1 foot in diameter. Pack up this smaller snowball and stack it on top of the torso.

Decorating Your Snowman

Now for the fun part of this favorite snow day activity.  Let’s give your snowman its unique personality! This is where you can get creative and bring your Frosty to life!

  • Use rocks, twigs, buttons, hats, scarves or any other household items for the eyes, nose, arms and accessories.
  • Stuck carrots make a classic nose, but get innovative with potatoes, candy canes or anything else you can find. Remember, the goal is to make your snowman a unique creation.
  • Spray the snowman with a little water or let it sit overnight to form an icy glaze on the surface.

The decorating possibilities are endless! Get the whole family involved to make your snowman one-of-a-kind.

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