Real Ice Castles You Have to See in Person

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Ice Castles in the US

Ice castles are absolutely beautiful and downright magical. That is probably why they are always seen in fairy tales and cartoons like the box-office phenomenon “Frozen”. However, lucky for us, we don’t have to settle for just seeing these beauties on the big screen, we can also see them in person, too. That’s right! There are several places in the world that you can take your family to see these amazing palaces in person. And you don’t even have to leave the country.

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Ice Castles in The United States

The Midway Ice Castles

Located in Midway, UT, just 28 miles outside of Salt Lake City lies the Midway Ice Castles. Featuring towers made of ice and gleaming cave-like tunnels, this castle attracts over 300,000 visitors a year. The Midway Ice Castles which are handmade are also adorned with blinging LED lights and ice sculptures. These lights help enhance the sparkle of each icicle and the ice sculptures are changed out annually to create an enchanting experience for each guest year after year.

Ice Castles in Eden Prairie

Every winter Eden Prairie’s Miller Park located in Minnesota gets a makeover that is straight out of the fairytales with the magical Ice Castles in Eden Prairie. Fully equipped with ice slides, ice caves and icicles-galore, the Ice Castles in Eden is the perfect place for fun at any age. With just a quick Google search of this place, it is easy to see why so many people travel to have their chance to visit this real-life ice castle.

Lincoln’s Ice Castles

Reaching 25 feet high, Lincoln’s Ice Castle is a crowd pleaser. Located in Lincoln, NH, this ice castle is including waterfalls, caves, sides, thrones and much more. Featuring embedded lights that make the icy structure glow, it is a favorite not only during the day but also at night. And, what’s even better, kids (or even adults) are able to watch the movie Frozen making Lincoln’s Ice Castle a win-win.

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