Snow Themed Birthday Parties To Beat The Summer Heat

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When the temperatures soar, what could be more refreshing than hosting a birthday party in snow for your child? With a little creativity and the help of Mr. Cool Snow Parties, you can bring the magic of snow indoors – no matter how hot it is outside! 

We’re the year-round snow party experts, producing artificial snow for over 50 years to leave guests in awe. Located in North Texas, our team can transform any venue into a frosty paradise abundant with snow themed birthday party ideas and more. Choosing Mr. Cool means choosing the perfect team for an unforgettably cool snow themed party.

Movie-Inspired Winter Wonderlands

To get your snow party inspired, we’re sharing some of our favorite snow themed birthday party ideas that kids are sure to love. Let’s start with movie themes that instantly evoke a wintry feel. 

The animated classic Frozen offers endless possibilities, from an icy blue color scheme to treats inspired by Olaf and Sven. Decorate with snowflake balloons, silver tinsel, and twinkling white lights. 

For activities, organize a snowball fight using soft plush snowballs or build miniature snowmen at a crafting station to your kid’s favorite Frozen soundtrack.

If you have a dinosaur fan, an Ice Age theme combines snow and prehistoric fun. Serve snow cones and frozen juice pops, and set up a fossil dig station using plastic dinosaur figurines and frozen in ice cubes. Let the kids chisel away to excavate their dino discoveries. For movie time, dim the lights and let them snuggle under warm blankets.  

If you’re throwing a birthday party in the snow, there are countless movies you can base the fun off of for your kiddos.

Get inspired by the incredible winter worlds of Rise of the Guardians, Narnia, or Happy Feet for a magical snow setting. With artificial snow on the ground, your child and their friends can go tubing down small hills, make snow angels, or build their own snow creatures. These immersive themes allow for endless creativity with decorations like icy trees, sparkling snowscapes, and even the Northern Lights dancing on the walls.

Frosty Fun Without the Movies

Not all snow themed birthday parties need to revolve around a movie. A slumber party is the perfect chance to incorporate a winter chill. Have the kids arrive in their coziest pajamas ready for hot chocolate and s’mores around the fireplace. 

For a mid-party break, let them roast marshmallows and make their own s’mores snacks. End the night by dimming the lights and screening a winter flick as everyone bundles up in their sleeping bags.  

If you have a crew of active, sporty kids, get them moving with snow-themed activities and games. Setting up stations for classic winter games like a snowball toss or snowman building contest using the artificial snow is always a winning move for a party in the snow. 

Award prizes for creativity or skillful shots.

Capturing the Chill with Decor & Treats

The right decor and activities can make your child’s summer party feel like a snowy dream come true. Use icy blue, silver, and white throughout with touches of sparkle. Incorporate artificial snow in creative ways, such as bunches on tables for a centerpiece or piled along the food table’s edge. 

Hang icicle lights, snowflake decals on the walls, and fill vases with silver tinsel. For treats, work in chilly themes like an Ice Cream Sundae bar, blue raspberry “snowballs,” or powdered donut “snowflakes.”

Schedule Your Next Snow Themed Birthday Party With Mr. Cool, Today

With the right planning and snow-making experts like Mr. Cool Snow Parties, you can bring winter wonder to your summer birthday celebration. As a bonus, summer snow parties mean you don’t have to worry about cold temperatures or icy conditions putting a chill on the fun. Just let your little one and their friends immerse themselves in a frosty good time while you safely stay warm inside. 

Lasting memories are guaranteed when you give kids the chance to frolic in a winter wonderland, no matter what the weather is outside. Contact us today to schedule your next party.

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