Tips for Creating a Creepy Snow Party

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Tips for a Creepy Snow Party


When most people think of a snow party the word “creepy” usually doesn’t fit the description. However, the beauty of a snow party by DFW Snow Parties is that they can be held at any time of the year to fit any type of occasion.

Thinking of adding some hauntingly cold air to your next Halloween party? Never fear, we have the ingredients to make sure that your event has all of the right surprises for your crowd.

Have a Fitting Mascot

Did you know that some of the creepiest creatures in modern folklore stem from the coldest parts of the world? Turn to classic European tales to come up with a creepy monster that can be the mascot of your party.

For an adult snow party, don’t be afraid to pull out the scarier characters like Krampus and the Yeti. Having a mascot like these monsters opens the doors for you to hold costume contests that can really bring out the creative side in guests.

For children who want a spooky snow event, take a page out of Tim Burton’s book and host a Nightmare Before Christmas-themed party. With mascots like Jack Skellington and Sally, you can be certain to have a family event that pleases guests of all ages.

Get Creative With “Horror” D’Ourves

Coming up with food for your scary snow party doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In keeping with the snowy spirit try out some fun desserts like zombie gingerbread cookies or the frighteningly good “Frankenshake.”

The possibilities are only limited to your imagination when creating the perfect menu for your snow party. However, don’t forget to make something that fits everyone’s tastes. While the kids have fun throwing snowballs and playing other snow games, the adults may want to imbibe in some festive spirits at your cemetery-themed bar.

Entertainment, Anyone?

Although simply having snow at your party is sure to entertain even the grimmest ghost, having some events in mind is always a great idea to keep the festive feelings alive at your event.

Watching horror movies on a projector screen while snuggled up drinking hot cocoa is always a fun and relaxing option. However, if you don’t have a screen on-hand, gather into small groups and find out which party guest can tell the creepiest story.

For a more lively option, create a dance floor at your party and boogie down to tunes like “Monster Mash” and “Thriller.”

If your party is specifically being held for Halloween, host an all-ages costume contest or have a “vampires” vs. “werewolves” relay race in the snow. Anything that keeps your party guests moving, laughing, and enjoying your snow party, will make it a success.

Ready to Throw the Coolest Halloween Party Around? DFW Snow Parties can Help!

If hosting a basic Halloween party isn’t your cup of tea, kick up the excitement factor a notch and add some snow to the mix. DFW Snow Parties keeps the celebration cool all year long. Contact us today to get your party started!

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