Gift Exchange For A Snow Party

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Gift Exchange at Your Snow Party

Christmas cards, holiday movies, and festive music always seem to get us dreaming of a white Christmas, even in the warmer weather of Texas.  It isn’t impossible with a DFW Mr. Cool Snow Party. What could be better than doing your family, friends or office gift exchange surrounded by festive and fluffy snow?  

Family Snow Fun Gift Exchange

Holiday gift exchanges are fun for all, but children get so much more excited about gifts. They will be even more excited to do some snow games as part of their family gift exchange. Often, gift exchange games are more designed for adults. Kids want in on the fun too, so you can turn some snow party games into gift exchange games.

One fun game is the Stuffed Animal Sled Pile.

Label all of the gift exchange gifts with numbers, then take enough stuffed animals as there are gifts and label each stuffed toy with a corresponding number. Divide kids into two teams. Divide the stuffed animals onto two sleds.

When you start the race, each team will place, stack or pile their stuffed animals onto their sleds. Once the animals are on the sled, the team will need to pull it through the snow all the way to the finish line.  If any toys fall off, the sled must stop until the toy is picked up and put back on the sled. Once the animal is back on, the sled can go toward the finish line.

Whichever team wins, one member gets to choose an animal from their sled and they are awarded with the corresponding gift. That stuffed toy is then removed from the competition. The race runs over and over until all kids have a gift. If there are a lot of kids, you can run the race once and let the entire winning team choose, then divide the remaining group into two teams and run it again. Keep doing that until all have a gift. This can be a fun game for adults too, or the adults can pull each other to earn their gift choice.

Have a Snow-Packed Office Party

All adult snow parties are a big hit, often called “the best party ever” by those who attend. If a snow party is part of your office holiday gift exchange, there are plenty of snowy games to incorporate into your party.

The simple childhood game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey takes on a whole new spin when it becomes Put the Nose on the Snowman. Each player’s carrot can correspond to a gift or the closest to the nose picks from the gift pile. A game to get everyone down into the snow a bit is a Snowman Popping game.

To prepare for this game you’ll need to create several balloon snowmen–simply blow up three balloons, so that you have one small, one medium and one large. Tape them together to form a snowman, and use a marker to draw a face on the top balloon.

Make enough of these snowmen so that you have one for each party guest, then divide them equally into two sets and place each set in a large bucket or bag. Divide guests into two teams. On the word “go,” players will take turns picking a balloon-snowman and trying to pop it by sitting on it in the snow.

Once a player pops his snowman, the next player on his team takes a turn. The first team to pop all of their balloons wins the race. (for any older or handicapped participants, they can use a chair or hands)

Host a Friends Fluffy Gift Exchange

Sometimes we are willing to get a little crazier with our friends, and sometimes, adult beverages are involved. We might be a bit more competitive with friends. A Mr. Cool Snow Party offers the Mr. Cool Snow Slide for parties.  Suddenly your gift exchange can become a competition for present picking.

Friends race from the top of the slide to the end to get first pick from the gift table. As the races continue, the gifts disappear. If sled racing is just a little too much for your crowd, a snowman competition might be fitting. Have your guests bring what they need to build the ultimate snowman.  Starting with the best snowman through to the saddest snow creation, each person can pick a gift or steal from a better craftsman. Almost any game or competition meant for a group can be adapted to a snow party…even a simple game of “powder” football or Tug-of-War.

Make the Holidays Extra Bright This Year with a Snow Party!

The holidays are all about fun with family and friends. The yearly office party can become HO HO Holiday fun instead of ho-hum with a DFW Mr. Cool Snow Party. It would be the highlight of your holiday season. Exchanging gifts in the snow will be magical, like a picture from a greeting card. Get in touch with us to schedule your holiday snowy gift exchange and let Mr. Cool make your holiday party delightful.

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