How to Throw an Ice Princess Party

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How to Throw an Ice Princess Party

Is your kid’s favorite movie Frozen? Can she sing “Let it Go” at the top her lungs at the drop of a dime? Did she insist on being Elsa for Halloween?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, there is a chance that an ice princess is atop of your child’s list of birthday themes.

4 Ways to Throw an Epic Ice Princess Party

From invitations to snacks to entertainment, here are some great ideas you can use to throw an ice pr
incess party that Elsa herself would love.

The Snacks

Do you need some Frozen-inspired snack idea? Try adding blue frosting on marshmallows then roll white sprinkles into them. Afterwards, place a lollipop stick inside each marshmallow and you have what we like to call Frost Bites.

A great snack that may be a bit more for the adults instead of the kiddos is what is called Olaf’s Noses. All you have to do is cut up some carrot spears and place them next to ranch dip to create this yummy, yet nutritious snack.

In the Disney movie, Elsa had an ice wand so it is only right that you have some at yout party too. To make the Ice Wand snack, simply take some long pretzel rods, spread on a few coats of blue frosting and add white sprinkles.

The Drinks

To make a drink reminiscent of melted snow, grab some bottles of water, remove the labels and replace them with custom “Melted Snow” labels. Quick and easy!

Another great drink that will up the ante of your ice princess party involves blue jello mix and ginger ale. Mix them all together in a bowl, throw in some ice, and encourage your guests to try some Icy Water.

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Throwing a summer ice princess party? Cool things down by having a Melted Snowball Fight. All you will need is a couple blue water balloons and a nifty sign that says “Melted Snow” , then let the kids (and adult) have a ball.

Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, have the kids pin the nose on Olaf. To create Olaf, grab a cardboard box, white spray paint, and some hot glue. To make the noses that will be pinned to the cardboard Olaf, all you will need is some orange construction paper. Simply cut them into carrot shapes and make a pile. When it’s time to play, blindfold each kid and let them step up to take a shot at pinning the lovable snowman.

What’s an Ice Princess party without and actual ice princess? For the party, hire an impersonator to come dressed as an ice princess or as Elsa from Disney’s Frozen. The kids will love and so will the birthday girl.

The Decorations

The icicle lights you use for Christmas can serve double duty this year! Grab them from your seasonal box and light up your ice princess party in an easy, yet beautiful way.

If you want to really make your ice princess party cooler than cool, how about some snow from Mr. Cool Snow Parties. No matter the season, our experts will come to your home and provide you with fresh, artificial snow that is sure to up the ante of your ice princess party.

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