Snow Party Safety Tips

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Snow Party Safety

Mr. Cool Snow Parties are always full of fun and winter-snow magic. Whether it is snowman building, snowball fights, sledding or flying down our Mr. Cool luge, your party will be filled with excitement. One thing you want when having so much fun, is staying safe. Read on to learn about how to host a snow party with these safety tips for your guests.

Keep Your Snow Party Guests Warm

Staying warm is important during a winter snow party. It is important to protect yourself frostbite and hypothermia if the temperatures are below freezing. Even if the temps are not freezing, but still chilly, it is important to remember that you are playing in the snow.

Protect yourself by wearing appropriate clothing, something that is water-resistant and undergarments which absorb sweat but also retain heat, like those made of polypropylene. Gloves, mittens, hats, wool socks and waterproof boots will protect the extremities. Dressing in layers is always best; a thin, moisture-wicking layer, a warm layer and then a waterproof layer is suggested. Avoid wearing scarves or other clothing that can get caught in a sled.

Extra Tip: If your party is hosted on a sunny day, use your sunscreen.  Sun reflects off of the snow and can, even during the winter months, cause a sunburn. So, protect any exposed skin, like your face.

Stay Safe While Sledding!

Sledding is always a snow party favorite activity. According to a 2010 study in Pediatrics, more than 20,000 young people end up in the ER every year with sledding related injuries. Head injuries are the most common. To avoid the ER, sled responsibly. Be sure the hill you chose for sledding is free of trees, ponds, gullies, rocks, poles, and other obstacles.

Be sure to use a sled that is in a good, safe condition. The best sleds can be steered by the riders; some even have brakes to slow them down. Do not use items that are not intended for sledding, like trash can lids or trash bags.

Always sled facing forward. Be sure that your sledding hill has a good area that allows the sled to slow down then stop without any cars, or trees that can cause injury. Be sure your sledders know how to stop their sled when necessary. It is never a bad idea to wear a helmet when sledding. Also, sledding is best during daylight hours…unless additional lighting is provided for proper visibility.

Using Mr. Cool’s luge is an exhilarating addition to any snow party, but safety is important.  It is recommended that sledders take turns going down the luge and wait until the previous sledder is out of the way before the next goes down, to avoid any collisions. Proper sleds are recommended.

Keep The Kids Supervised

Supervision is important when children are involved in your Mr. Cool Snow Party. Children should only be sledding under the watchful eye of an adult. Accidents can happen very quickly. A child could walk into the path of another party goer, may fall off of a sled, or get hit in the face by a snowball. An adult can keep a close eye on the kids, assuring that all goes well. It is a good idea to have a first-aid kit available with bandages and antiseptics, just in case they are needed.

Enjoy Your Snow Party the Safe Way at a Mr. Cool Snow Party

A Mr. Cool Snow Parties is the leading snow company in DFW. They always guarantee a good time, but a good time can be ruined quickly by a careless accident.  When proper safety precautions are used during the winter fun party, party goers will leave knowing they had the best party ever! Contact us today to schedule your next snow party!

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